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Privacy Policy of LekkerHomes

LekkerHomes is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and fully complies with the legislation in force regarding personal details protection, particularly the European “General Regulation of Data Protection” (RGPD).

We believe that the responsible use of personal information is critical to our business objectives and to our reputation. This privacy policy describes what information we collect when you visit our site, how we use that information, and how you can control it.

Responsible for the control

LekkerHomes is responsible for the use, store, share and control of the personal and behavioral information you provide to us, as described in this Privacy Policy.

Contact information:



The personal information that we collect

If you are searching for a property online, we collect information from you when you register on our site or fill out a form. The information we collect includes your title, name, surname, nationality, email address and, if you choose to provide it, your telephone number. In order for us to evaluate the ways in which the website is being used, certain non-personal information related to your web browsing may also be collected while you are using the website.

The purpose of this privacy policy (hereafter “Policy”) is to give you a clear explanation about how LekkerHomes use, store, share and control the personal and behavioral information you provide (or that we collect from you) when you contact us or otherwise engage with us via our Website or other media. This can be done in a variety of different ways which can include but are not exclusively limited to:

  • in person via our offices,
  • by telephone,
  • by post,
  • by SMS,
  • by email,
  • live web chat,
  • social media such as Facebook and Twitter etc,
  • via our Website,
  • via third party websites,

If you buy or sell a property with us, we will add more data to this information (economic and financial, other personal circumstances…), which you will be asked for in order to comply with Spanish Laws and Regulations and for us to fully provide the contracted service

Handling your personal information

The information you provide us with is used to understand what your needs are and which services we can offer, as well as to personalise and streamline your use of the website and to improve your user experience.

We also use this information, in accordance with your mail preferences (the link to which you can find in the footer of every LekkerHomes email), to communicate with you about our products, services and promotional offers and to keep your accounts up to date.

We use and analyse this personal information where necessary for the following purposes detailed below:

  • Improving our products and services: we will use your personal information to build a profile on you in order to understand your requirements, to improve our Website, as well as to personalise the properties and Services we offer you. We process your personal information in this way as it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in providing better products and Services for you and our other customers.
  • Processing your transaction: we use relevant personal information described above (including your name, address and financial details) to enable us to complete a transaction with you when you are using any of our Services. This information may require to be passed on to third parties, including but not limited to solicitors, surveyors, financial advisors etc.
  • Preventing fraud: we will also use your personal information to assess your creditworthiness (in the case of buying or renting a property) and to prevent fraud. For this purpose, we may need to share your personal information with our referencing providers and/or solicitors (see “how we share your personal information” below). This is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in ensuring we are not the victim of fraud and to protect our legal rights.
  • To provide customer support: if you contact our team (or vice versa), we will use personal information such as your email address, phone number and residential address as well as your contact history to process your request and provide you with the best service possible. We will process your personal information in this way if it is necessary for the performance of a contract or if it is required for us to comply with any legal obligations. If it is not necessary to process your personal data for either of these reasons we will process it as it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in ensuring we can provide the best service possible.
  • Marketing: When you register your details with us for any of our Services, or enter in to a transaction with us, provide feedback on our service online or use our Website; we will use your personal information to create a profile based on the information we hold about you. This is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in ensuring we have accurate information about you in one place. We create your profile in accordance with your preferences in order to provide you with the best personalised experience, to send you relevant and personalised information, property updates, Service information and for opinion research purposes. Below you can find a more detailed description of the ways in which we will use your personal information for these purposes.
  • Website user experience: if you are logged in to your Account on our Website we may alter the way the website works to improve and/or enhance the information displayed to you, or to optimise the way you interact with the Website. We may show personalised content based upon your previous interactions with the website.


What kind of information

The way you interact with us across all the different channels described above (e.g. our Website, social media and marketing messages we send you) and the information we collect in that regard from each of these channels provides us valuable information about your current circumstances and preferences. This insight gives us the opportunity to offer you the best customer service experience possible. To learn about you and your interests, we analyse your interactions with our company using various kinds of information, as set out above. If you have registered your details with Us or engaged one of our Services by entering into a transaction with Us, or if We are permitted by law to send such communications without obtaining your consent, We use the information that you have provided to us when interacting with us for sending you personalised marketing messages about our products or services, events and promotions. In some instances, we will also aggregate your personal information with that of other individuals, to create comprehensive reports about how clients and customers use our products and services. This is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in analysing our brand and determining how to improve our services.

What kind of messages

The messages we will send you will be personalised and tailored to your individual preferences and requirements. We use analytics in order to generate such personalised messages. These analytics will process your personal information and place you in categories, which determine the content of the messages you will receive from us. These direct marketing messages may contain information about our products and Services, events or promotions and other company news. We personalise these messages on the basis of that it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in ensuring that we provide the most appropriate information. We will, in certain circumstances, also use the channels for opinion research (such as to ask if you would like to participate in a survey) and to learn about your experience and improve your experience with Bradleys Estate Agents Ltd, including by sending you personalised messages.

Analysing our business

We will use your personal information (including by anonymising and aggregating it with other customers’ personal information) for sales and financial analysis purposes, to determine how Urbane International Real Estate is performing and where improvements can be made and where necessary to report back to our parent or affiliate group companies. This is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in understanding how our business is performing, and considering how to improve our performance.

We will ask for your consent if we wish to use your personal information for purposes other than those listed in this privacy statement and as required to do so under applicable law. We will not use your personal information for other purposes before we have received such consent.

Use of Cookies and sharing with third parties

The website of LekkerHomes uses its own and third-party cookies to compile statistical information on your browsing habits, to improve accessibility and to customize your experience by offering you content of interest to you and showing you personalized advertising and announcements. You may adjust the settings on your browser to refuse cookies, but some of our services may not work if you do so.

The kind of cookies that we use:

Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to remember choices you have made to provide a more enhanced, personal service. The information these cookies collect relates only to our website. We have several features which need to understand what you’ve been doing on the site recently, and to reduce the amount of times you have to do the same thing. For instance, you don’t want to fill in the contact agent form again and again with the same data, so we store that information to reduce the time it takes and to make life easier. We also use functional cookies to track down misuse of our website and services.

In addition to cookies, local storage allows us to use a tiny bit of space on your machine to store information, in much the same way as cookies. We use this to store information which, we feel, enhances your journey through the site by remembering previous actions and making them default for the future.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to measure visits to our website. This gives us a better idea about which sections are the most relevant to our visitors and what the most popular content is, so that we can tailor our website to the people who use it. We use third-party software from Abode Analytics and Google Analytics.

IP addresses are registered for use by our functional and analytical cookies; the resulting statistics and reports are not linked to personally identifiable information. We don’t need your permission to use functional and analytical cookies.

Social media cookies

When you are logged in to our website, you can share various information using the social media buttons. To ensure that these buttons work properly, we use cookies from these social media platforms. We need to ask your permission to use these cookies.

With these cookies, these platforms can recognise you when you want to share something from our site. For more information about the cookies the social media platforms place on your computer and the data these cookies collect, you can read the cookies statement on their websites. LekkerHomes is active on the following social media platforms: Google+, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

Cookies for advertising and relevant offers

Our website may also send out cookies from other organisations so that we can deliver offers and information that is of use to you.

With your consent, we would like to show you information on our website that is more relevant to you and your interests. This is why we want to try to find out what catches your interest and what doesn’t. Based on the pages you visit on our website, you will be shown different information to that shown to other visitors, making our website more relevant to you. Want to know more about the use of cookies on this website or adjust your personal preferences? Read more in our Cookie Policy.

View- and right of amendment

You may exercise your right to access, modify, remove and permanently delete your personal data by sending an email to:

Do you only want to change you Cookie preferences? Visit our Cookie Policy page to view your current setting and set them in a way you feel comfortable.

Sercurity of personal information

Transmission of information over the internet is not completely secure. We will do our best to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee its security and any transmission is at your own risk.

Once we have received your personal information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access, but we are not to be held responsible for any kind of damages and possible loss that may occur due to the presence of a virus or other elements which can produce alterations in the information system (software and hardware), electronic documents and files.

We keep your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. These periods vary depending on the nature of the information and your interactions with us.

Final words

Thank you for reading this far and we hope that this privacy policy will reassure you that we are working hard to safeguard your personal data. If at any time we change our privacy policy, such changes will be made on this page and you will be notified via email.

This Privacy Policy is published on: 

1 januari 2021.